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Open the case and remove frame with pre-installed graphic and inflator bag.


Remove hose and cord from inflator bag. Connect hose to inflator and to frame. Plug inflator into battery pack or electrical outlet. Press button to start inflation.


Once fully inflated, the inflator shuts off automatically. Simply install any feet, lights or graphic overlays and you're ready to exhibit!

Installation Video

Dismantle Video

Graphic Replacement

Skyline®Windscape® Setup Connector Package

Display Feet Installation (Feet Purchased before August 2014)

Skyline®Windscape® Setup Connector Package

Accessory Installation

System Integration

Adjusting a 3D Frame

Adjusting a Backwall Frame

Adjusting a Backwall Twisted Frame

Skyline® WindScape® Set-Up - Utility Case Conversion Kit

Skyline® WindScape® Case Table Installation

Skyline® WindScape®: Monitor Mount

Skyline®Windscape®: Projection Back Wall Install