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Skyline Windscape Air Powered Exhibit System

Revolutionary New Exhibit System

Whether it's a do-it-yourself 10' inline or a metric option; a quick and easy I&D to a large exhibit set-up by a hired team, Skyline® WindScape® offers durable solutions, high definition, wrinkle-free graphics and even unique shapes not possible with traditional trade show products.
Curved Backwall
The classic 10’ exhibit is now lighter and easier than ever. The entire display packs into a wheeled, carry on suitcase that you can take right onto the plane. What could be easier?
Curved Table Top
A table-top display like no other. Installs in under a minute. Fit it all into a stylish backpack that is checkpoint friendly so you can easily take it with you on the plane or in the trunk of your car.
10' x 92
A unique back-wall is illuminated with LED lights and accessorized with a magnetically applied accent sign. The case easily converts into a branded podium.
Tapered Arch Flat Backwall
Steal the show with this asymmetrical back-wall with a magnetically applied overlay sign that will make your message stand out from the rest.

Modular Metric Systems

Modular system that enables the user to create a variety of environments and re-configure as needed. Accent panels can be interchanged to adjust messaging for different shows, to add dimension or highlight different messages.
Each metric component can be used in a 3meter space as a single display with a header or combined with others to create an integrated in-line exhibit.
3m Backwall w/ Large Returns (Alternate Design)
3m Backwall w/ Large Returns (Alternate Design)
Pavillion Capable
Metric modular components can be combined to build a functional Pavillion
Metric Backwall
The 3 meter back-wall with small returns can be used alone in 3 meter (10ft) space or combined with other shapes. Add a changeable header to create a unique presence.
Metric Backwall with Large Returns
The 3 meter backwall with large returns must be used with an easily changeable header to maximize its stability.
Hanging Ring
Classic 10 foot x 46” ring inflates in less than 4 minutes.
Hanging Ring w/ Bottom Angle
This hanging structure is a cut above the rest. Its unique shape is simple yet unexpected.
This 10’ ring can be hung from a center pole to create a distinctive seating area.

Exhibit Solutions

The type of solutions offered here would traditionally require labor for installation. However, with Skyline® WindScape®, these looks can be achieved by one exhibitor without any help.
Square Tower
This 4 meter tall square tower allows exhibitors to get their brand up high enough so it can be spotted from across the floor. One person can unpack and install this entire tower in under 10 minutes.
Conference Room
Imagine a conference room that one person can set up in less than 10 minutes and taken down in about the same amount of time. All of this along with crisp bright seamless graphics that get noticed. You have to see it to believe it!
Half Oval Wall
This 8 foot tall half oval is the perfect shape to help define a space and communicate your brand message. It is a unique shape that will pack into a carry on size bag and be ready to go in less than 5 minutes.


While Skyline® Windscape’s inflation speed and small packing size is impressive and beneficial in a 10’ display, the savings really start to addup for larger exhibits. In addition to the labor, drayage, and shipping savings, the stopping power of these designs will have your customers talking.
Combine our air powered panels with Skyline modular systems to create showstopping exhibits that put your message at the forefront and stand out from your competitors.
If you already have a standard exhibit, but want to take advantage of the increased presence and cost savings Skyline WindScape® can offer, work with one of our designers to create a unique exhibit by combining WindScape® with part or all of your current display.
Take curves to the next level! Pair an Envoy® curved Kiosk with a ring from the Skyline® WindScape® Curves collection.
Hang a Skyline® WindScape® structure to create an impressive presence while keeping your shipping and installation costs low. WindScape® half walls help define a comfortable, branded space for conversations with prospective clients. The case converts into a branded command center for your trade show staffing team. At the end of the show it can be packed and rolled away in minutes.
Flexible, stunning, lightweight and efficient. Skyline® WindScape® packs so small that you are able to utilize your case as a table in the booth. When it’s time to dismantle, you don’t have to wait for your crates to to be delivered.


Here is proof that an exhibit that saves time and money can also be beautiful and distinctive. This entire exhibit can be installed in under an hour and packs into two cases that convert into branded podiums to be used during the show.