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SUMMARY: Skyline, a trade show exhibit manufacturer, managed to perfect the balance between secrecy and promotion in the launch of an industry-transforming product. The result?

Sales so strong that production is scrambling to keep up; Skyline is exceeding even the most aggressive sales forecasts by 38%.

This week’s B2B Marketing case study outlines the three critical steps that helped Skyline successfully walk the fine line between product confidentiality and promotion.

by Andrea Johnson, Copywriter



Your engineers have invented a product they believe will transform the industry and they’ve toiled years to perfect it. Now it’s your turn. You have to attain marketplace feedback and launch the new product.

In the process, if any details about this game-changer are leaked to a viciously competitive marketplace, it could decimate the years of work and the millions of dollars in resources.

This scenario has the ingredients for a marketer’s worst nightmare. But Skyline, a trade show exhibit manufacturer, transformed it into a dream come true when it launched its Skyline WindScape product in July.

Within two days of the launch, dozens of orders arrived for units that sell for up to $6,000. Presently, Skyline has exceeded aggressive sales forecasts by 38%.

Skyline achieved an unprecedented launch for an industry-transforming product by listening carefully to its marketplace while walking the fine line between under- and over-sharing. In the months leading up to the launch, this balance could have been easily toppled and taken years of work down with it.

This case study outlines the three critical steps that helped Skyline successfully walk the fine line between product confidentiality and promotion.







Minnesota Business Magazine

The St. Paul company’s new offering gives events professionals a portable, all-in-one exhibit setup
Posted on 08/09/2013 – 5:00pm | From the Blog
Skyline Exhibits, a St. Paul-based manufacturer of trade show displays and portable exhibits, recently launched Skyline WindScape, an inflatable, portable, all-in-one display setup. The idea behind the offering is that exhibitors can manage their entire exhibition through one easy-to-transport container. The system comes in 46 different shapes, ranging from small overlays to 16-foot-tall towers, and takes minutes to set up. See the promotional video below to see how it works.

Last year, Skyline Exhibits was awarded the Product Development and Management Association’s Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award. Within the past five years, the company reports, its new products have grown from 12 to 24 percent of total sales. Founded in 1980, the company has more than 120 design centers in over 30 countries, about 300 employees, and a network of about a thousand independent dealers.

Trade show exhibits might be a niche market, but Jon Althoff, senior director of global marketing for Skyline Exhibits, likes to think of trade shows as the “original social media.” —Ali Lacey

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